Industrial Accidents:

Don't let your workers have compromised skill sets.

With Virtual Reality Safety Training

Does reducing accident rate by 50% matter to you?

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Reduce Costs

Studies show VR training is 4x faster than traditional methods (classroom, click)

Emotional Connections

Long-term memory is triggered. VR Learners felt 3.75x more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners and 2.3x more connected than e-learners.

Flexible and Fun

“The training is so fun that people want to repeat it, virtually unheard of in the industry”

The Problem

Safety Training In The 21st Century - OSHA

Time consuming, Costly, Ineffective Training

Let’s face it, current training methods are uninteresting. Topics are hard to understand and retention is low. If we’re being honest, whether your employees are daydreaming during an in-person training seminar or at home taking an online course watching the game as they click though material – No safety education is actually taking place.

This is unsettling because it increases your risk to lawsuits, is impactful to profit, and most importantly – it’s unsafe for your employees. These issues require lots of bandwidth from senior management.

Accidents happen quickly, online and classroom training will not simulate real life scenarios.

The Solution

HumuloVR Safety Training

Finally, VR training you don’t have to manage. Humulo provides it all, ready to go, out of the box.

We’ve perfected safety training scenarios that are developed with OSHA precise guidelines and are implemented in easy to follow yet realistic scenarios. User tested and developed with US Military Industrial Safety Experts, all training modules include active user instruction, reinforcement of OSHA principles and corrections/tallies of incorrect actions. THE SAME HEADSET, MANY TRAININGS!

  • Forklift
  • Fire Fighting
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Fall Safety
  • Enclosed Spaces
  • MORE!

Reduce Accident Rates

Reduce your safety events and damaged equipment rates by 50% with a more immersive, engaging and efficient training system.

Cost-Effective Solution

Low initial hardware investment, shorter break even point. Efficiently share headsets among multiple trainees, reuse and save. ROI increases with use. Average hardware use is 3-5 years per headset!

VR Training Rentals

Don't want to buy and store VR units for your organization? No problem. Humulo is proud to be one of the few if not only VR providers implementing low-cost shipping and rental solutions.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Already own your own VR Hardware? Our software is compatible with MOST platforms: Compatible Stand alone VR: Oculus Quest (1 and 2), HTC Vive Focus Plus, Pico Neo 2 (and upcoming versions)
Compatible PC VR: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Focus Plus, Varjo

Solution in three easy steps.

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Train & Realize ROI

Track your progress and start saving time and money with better, safer training.

Moving Forward.

You've Implemented VR Safety Training!


Fewer Safety and Damaged Equipment Incidents


More productivity With Cheaper and Faster Safety Training


Breathe easy. You’ve decreased risk, lowered costs and made your organization more safe. You can be reassured you are doing right by your employees, clients and saving costs through less accidents through personalized training.

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    Industry Leading, Cost Effective VR Training Solutions!

    VR Training Options

    Whether you want to purchase and store headsets for you organization or rent them when you need them, we have you covered.

    VR Headset Purchase

    $ 699 /Headset
    • No PC or other hardware required!
    • Auditable Trainee Results
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Manufacturer Warranty
    • Average Usable Lifespan 3-5 Years
    • Free Shipping

    For Businesses That Want To Store and Manage Their Own Equipment. Buy Directly From Humulo.


    HumuloVR Launch

    $ 1127 starter bundle
    • 50% Savings + 7 day Free trial
    • 1 VR HEADSET w/Hard Case
    • 10 Full Library Annual Seats
    • Miracast Dongle to Cast Screen
    • Trainee LMS
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Free Shipping

    Introductory package built for newcomers.  Included is a standard 7 day, no questions asked, free trial. Just send the hardware back and received a full refund. Don’t let your workers have compromised skill sets!

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    At Humulo Engineering, we value deep thinkers with strong inclinations towards originality. Our team leans into change and learns from mistakes. We take advantage of the latest technology to achieve meaningful results for our clients.

    The future of VR lies with developers, with those who are willing to experiment and fail, to get innovative virtual experiences into the hands of users.

    See details and raw video of our off the shelf VR Training Modules, VR headsets, and more.