Confined Spaces

12 Month License per trainee (member).  This allows ample time for each member to practice!

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$0.00 per member every 6 months for 12 months and a $30.00 sign-up fee

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Confined Spaces



12 Month Expiration Subscription purchase per unique user, $20


15+ Minutes (Per scenario)


  • Identify major hazards
    • Describe types of hazards
  • Protect him/herself from these hazards
  • Recognize employer requirements to protect workers from these hazards



  • Describe permit-required confined spaces
  • Identify specific hazards that exist within confined spaces
  • Describe the job roles and responsibilities involved in confined space entry
  • Describe the required contents of a confined space permit
  • Identify required equipment for confined space entry
  • Identify



  • PICO Neo 2 Virtual Reality Headset
  • Humulo’s VR Confined Space software



Entrant Scenario:

Trainees will begin in a shipyard by collecting the required equipment (clipboard with permit, pen, oxygen monitor, radio, ect). They proceed to the confined space and fill out the permit with the attendant. Trainees must then take a reading of the oxygen levels, and adjust the ventilation equipment if required to get oxygen levels into the acceptable range. Trainees then enter the confined space and perform the inspection. Once complete trainees must finish filling out the permit and sign it. Finally, the trainees are faced with a rescue scenario requiring them to notify emergency personnel and rescue an incapacitated worker.

Attendant Scenario:

Construction site setting, non-entry rescue required to be identified and acted upon by the attendant (the trainee) after setting up the site.

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Try It Out!

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