Fire Safety


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Fire Safety



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15+ Minutes


  • Identify major hazards
  • Describe types of hazards
  • Protect him/herself from these hazards
  • Recognize employer requirements to protect workers from these hazards


  • Identify Class A Fire Hazards
  • Identify Class B Fire Hazards
  • Identify Class C Fire Hazards
  • Alert emergency services by pulling the fire alarm
  • Find the fire extinguisher, and prepare it for use
  • Fight the fire with appropriate spraying technique
  • Put out the fire


  • PICO Virtual Reality Headset
  • Humulo’s VR Fire Suppression software


Trainees will begin by touring a worksite (shipyard) identifying various fire hazards, including Class A combustibles, Class B flammable liquids, Class C electrical hazards, and examples of general construction site fire hazards. After a fire breaks out trainees must>>>>> alert pull the fire alarm, alerting emergency personnel and services. Trainees must then pick up a fire extinguisher, pull the pin, and fight the fire. Trainees are required to spray the extinguisher side to side at the base of the fire continuously until they put>>>> successfully put the fire out. Trainees must maintain a safe distance from the fire, and use appropriate spraying technique in order to safely put out the fire.

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