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VR Training Questions

Generally for individual training (students train on their own schedule) you need 1 headset for every 10 students, per week.  However, for a classroom setting you may need a headset for each student if you intend for them each to use VR during class.

Recommended Number of Headsets Chart

HumuloVR resells headsets at cost to our customers. We don't charge to remotely manage the headsets.  We do charge per person/trainee and offer à la carte options to purchase individuals topics or bundle the full library. There are no monthly fees. Instead, we charge a one time fee per person, this person will have 12 months to access the training as many times as they need to from activation.

HumuloVR training is a supplement to your existing training program. It provides efficient and repeatable hands on practicals not otherwise feasible at scale. 
"Effective safety and health training should include hands-on instruction and exercises, which provide employees the opportunity to become familiar with protective measures such as personal protective equipment, and safe workplace practices. Whether online or virtual reality training methods provide “adequate” or “effective” training may only be determined on a case-by-case basis. Employers need to examine the standards applicable to their workplaces and determine whether the training tools (such as online or virtual reality) they are using advance their employees’ overall comprehension and understanding of workplace hazards."
- Patrick J. Kapust, Acting Director

Directorate of Enforcement Programs

Put on the headset. From the main kiosk menu, select the casting button from the top. You then select the device to cast to (any Miracast enabled device).  This device could be:

  1. Miracast dongle
  2.  Windows PC (Type ‘projection settings’ into the Windows start menu.
    Click ‘Projecting to this PC’
    Configure settings as prompted.)
  3. Smart TV 
  1. Add users instantly from your account portal.
  2. Let users register on the headset, they need to know the team name to join and that team must have an open seat. Ensure the headset is connected to WiFi.
  3. Reach out and let us help you.

Follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Never use anything on the lens expect a microfiber clothe. Wipes can be used to wipe down the headsets otherwise. Common FAQ for Pico Devices | Pico-interactive | Best-in-class design. Built with Enterprise in mind.

IT Consulting Questions

Public sector: primarily DoD, Intelligence Community and Health.

Yes! We are a current contract holder of GSA MAS with multiple SINs:
518210C Related IT Professional Services
Information Technology IT Solutions
541511 Web Based Marketing Professional Services Marketing and Public
54151S Information Technology In Services

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