Fall Safety

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Fall Safety



  • 12 Month Expiration Subscription purchase per unique user, $30


30+ Minutes


  • Identify major hazards
  • Describe types of hazards
  • Protect him/herself from these hazards
  • Recognize employer requirements to protect workers from these hazards



  • Recall and Inspect required safety equipment
  • Identify climbing height that requires anchoring
  • Practice climbing and anchoring procedures
  • Practice working aloft and re-attaching tools to harness
  • Practice work on elevated platform
  • Practice climbing down from elevated structures


  • PICO Neo 2 Virtual Reality Headset
  • Humulo’s VR Fall Protection software




Explore Hierarchy of Fall Safety: 5 levels of Fall safety

Training Scenario: Trainees begin by inspecting and donning a harness, as well as attaching the required welding tool to themselves. Trainees then begin climbing the crane ladder, and we required to use the anchor points to attach themselves as they climb. Once they reach the first crack, they must repair it with the welding tool, re-attach the tool, and then continue their climb. They will then climb to the middle platform (answer a question about what anchor points you should and shouldn’t use), anchor themselves, and then repair a crack on the middle platform. Once complete trainees must climb to the top platform to reset the breaker box. Trainees then climb back down the crane, making sure to use their anchor points along the way.

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Try It Out!

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